Vinyl flooring care

Vinyl flooring is a beautiful, robust and long lasting product that can last many years of use and abuse, however it is not invulnerable and can be permanently damaged if not cared for properly! By following our do’s, don’ts and tips below you will extend the life and looks of your floor:



  • Use Entrance Mats*, placed on the inside of external doors to trap dirt before it is walked into your home. (*see last tip)
  • Use a vacuum cleaner, a soft broom or damp mop for regular maintenance.
  • Give prompt attention to spots and spills. Blot up liquid spills with a clean white towel, kitchen roll or tissue.
  • Never leave liquid spills for long periods.
  • Soften solidified spills with warm water if possible and gently use a spoon or dull knife to remove.
  • Use a neutral floor cleaning detergent with water and rinse thoroughly.
  • Use plastic protectors on the end of furniture legs or felt pads to protect the floor.


  • Do not use abrasive cleaners as they may leave a dull film on your floor.
  • Do not use paste wax or solvent-based polishes.
  • Do not use a beater bar when vacuuming because it could visibly damage the floor surface.
  • Do not use highly abrasive scrubbing materials or tools.
  • Do not allow any chemical or natural product with staining properties to remain on the floor.


  • When moving appliances or heavy furniture, lay a plywood or hardboard panel on your floor and “walk” the item across it. This protects your floor from scuffing and tears.
  • White Spirit may be used sparingly on a white cloth to remove most stains without causing damage.
  • Be careful with rolling casters! They can damage the floor so we do not recommend them. If you choose to use them, the double-wheel type are the best option.
  • We do not recommend the use of rubber or latex-backed mats because the chemical (antioxidant) used to keep the backing from becoming brittle can permanently stain your floor. This is called “antioxidant staining”.


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