Laminate Flooring Care

To help you protect your investment we have produced this simple guide on how to maintain your laminate floor.

Laminate with its smooth surface cannot retain dust or dirt but these can cause damage to the surface as they are often abrasive by nature. Use entrance mats on the inside of external doors to trap dirt and moisture before it is walked into your home.


Equipment needed:

  • 1 Micro-fibre cloth holding mop
  • 1 Spray bottle (empty)
  • 1 Bottle of manufacturers Cleaning product
  • 1 Micro-fibre cloth

Things to do:

Clean dry using a dry micro fibre cloth mop or vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum first then wipe over with a well wrung out cloth.

Dilute the manufacturers cleaning product and spray onto micro fibre cloth, never directly onto the floor.

Always wipe dry immediately after until no moisture is visible on the floor.

Things NOT to do:

  • NEVER WET CLEAN! (No soaking or wet mops!)
  • NEVER use a wax, varnish or any other coating on the floor as they will only create a layer on the surface of the floor, causing stains and making cleaning difficult or even impossible. Your floor may not be able to be cleaned properly again.

Dealing with stains/marks:

Rubber or Plastic marks Rub with a dry cloth.
Use acetone if required
Urine, blood Remove with a slightly damp cloth as quickly as possible. If the stain/mark is dry, rub repeatedly with a DRY cloth. Use a concentrated cleaning product if required
Nail Varnish, shoe polish, paint, felt tip, lipstick, tar, Chinese ink etc. With a cloth soaked in Acetone, solvent for nail varnish or paint thinner.
Chocolate, fat oil or oil based products With a concentrated cleaning product.

After the marks have been removed, always wipe again with a slightly damp micro-fibre cloth or regular cloth to remove any product or solvent residues.



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