Carpet Care

Your new flooring represents a substantial investment in your home; an investment that you’ll want to keep looking its best for many years to come. To help you care for your carpet we have produced this guide on cleaning and maintenance. No carpet lasts forever, but by following our maintenance tips outlined below you’ll extend the life and looks of your floor.

(Please note the advice is given with the best intentions but no liability will be accepted)


Vacuuming cut pile carpet
Do note when cut pile carpet is first laid, there may be some ‘fluffing’ this is perfectly normal and it is best to vacuum daily initially

Twist pile carpets should be vacuumed regularly as soon as they are laid.

Velvet pile carpets need a little time for the fibres in the pile to ‘bed down’, therefore do not vacuum velvet piles for 2-3 days after laying, but instead brush by hand or with a carpet sweeper in the direction of the pile. During this time use the suction nozzle of the vacuum cleaner to pick up any isolated particles.

Vacuuming loop pile carpet
Loop pile carpets should be vacuumed by suction only type cleaners.
Avoid using beater heads or brushes – they will lift the fibres, giving your carpet a bobbled or felted appearance. Snags or pulls should be gently cut at carpet level with a pair of scissors before vacuuming.

Cleaning and maintenance

  • For best results, give prompt attention to spots and spills.
  • Use a spoon or dull knife to remove solid materials.
  • Blot up liquid spills with a clean white towel, kitchen roll or tissue.
  • Never rub, scrub, or use a brush. This may cause damage to carpet fibres. Use a dabbing action.
  • Always work from the outside in. Working from the outside to the centre prevents spreading.
  • Use a cleaning solution and procedure appropriate for the type of stain being removed. Do not over-wet the carpet.
  • Test cleaning agent on out of normal site area first.
  • Apply all cleaning agents to the cloth rather than directly to the stained area to avoid saturating the carpet when spot cleaning.
  • Clean the fibres, not the backing.
  • Do not rush. Deep stains might require repeat cleanings because they can “wick” back up after initial cleaning.
  • For oil based stains and spillages use dry cleaning fluid or white spirit.
  • Gently raise up the pile with a kitchen fork to help the carpet retain its appearance as it dries out.
  • Never use more than one cleaning solution on a particular stain as it could cause damage to your carpet and try out a small amount before use on a test area.
  • Use Entrance Mats. Place mats on the inside of external doors to trap dirt before it is walked into your home.
  • If any snags or pulls occur, do not pull the yarn out, but gently snip them with a pair of scissors.
  • If a mark persists refer to our ‘Stains Aid’ section.

Deep cleaning
From time to time, your carpet will benefit from a thorough deep clean. You should take professional advice. Remember to wait until the carpet is dry before walking on it or moving furniture.

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